Update on Proposed Route 88 Closure

NJDOT may close Route 88 into Point Pleasant for repairs during 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the NJDOT information session on December 14. Also, thank you for contacting Denise Peck, NJDOT Consumer Relations, by e-mail, phone or USPS mail. After speaking to the NJDOT engineers and representatives at the information session, I believe we made an impact. Other options will now be considered, closing the eastbound Route 88 travel lanes for 8—12 months, is excessive.

If you did not attend the information session or write a letter, we are still encouraging all of our members and their neighbors to be heard by the NJDOT. We are still in the “what-if” stage of planning, your voice will speak volumes.

Please submit a letter objecting the Route 88 eastbound lane closure to:

Denise Peck, Office of Community Relations
NJ Department of Transportation
PO Box 600
Trenton, NJ 08625-0600