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Dr. Keith Malinowski, a Freehold, NJ native, graduated from Life University in 2002 and would like to welcome everyone to his new office in Point Pleasant, NJ. Dr. Keith has spent the last several years in New York City and now lives here in Point Pleasant with his wife, two sons and new baby girl!

” I enjoyed my time in New York and really learned a lot, but I’m thrilled to be living down by the shore!”. Dr. Keith specializes in the Pierce Results System, which is a system that focuses on spinal correction and relies on results which can be seen through positive changes on x-ray film, improved motion x-ray studies, and normal functioning thermal heat readings.

“It was a very big investment to be able to have all the equipment needed to run such an office, but it enables me to have the tools I need to deliver the right adjustment, at the right time, to the right misaligned bone; and that makes all the difference when it comes to true healing.”

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